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“Do you know any great DD+ bra brands?” is a question we get asked quite often by customers. On the topic of bras, you may have seen our previous post Selecting the best DD+ bra for your outfit, where we interviewed Monica Harrington (a leading lingerie stylist who works with top global brands) and asked her for advice and tips on the best bras to fit some of our pieces. But today we want to share with you our own list of favourite fuller bust bras.


What makes a bra great for women with larger boobs?


A great bra needs to be comfortable, give your bust the right level of support and make you feel great in your skin. A bra that lacks any of these attributes is not worthy of ‘greatness’.


For one, a poor bra almost always gives your boobs a funny shape. It either places them too low, too high (which often makes them wobble around on top like jelly), too far apart, too close together (aka “monoboob”), too pointy… the list goes on. Who cares what other people think? What matters is that you feel discontent and you know that your clothes aren’t sitting as they should. This is particularly annoying if you’ve invested additionally in a clothing item so that it will fit your bust.


But wearing the wrong bra can also create further problems such as discomfort, skin damage, posture issues, and even induce neck, shoulder, and back pain. No, thank you!


Thankfully, there are an increasing number of options out there. If you’ve been blessed with larger boobs, you’ll know how hard finding clothes that fit and flatter can be. But the lingerie industry is well ahead of the clothing market in this regard and a lot of brands now offer excellent DD+ bras in all sorts of styles, fits, and colours. (Swimwear is another story, but we’ll save that for a different post…).


However, a few bra brands particularly stand out to us for their refined, progressive design, and for moving away from the dreaded ‘boulder holder’ and towards looks that are truly elegant, contemporary, and comfortable. Just as we like it. We’ve compiled the list below that we hope you’ll find handy when shopping for your next bra.


Our list of great bra brands for women with large busts


This list isn’t exclusive and is in no particular order, but here’s a round-up of some of the best and chicest bra brands on our radar right now:


  • Beija London 
  • Cups AA to H.
  • Beija London sells lingerie and swimwear. They offer three different styles of bras: X (“a soft bralette without underwires designed for smaller cups AA-C”), Y (“for B-D cups, underwired and comfortable to enhance your natural shape”), and Z (a bra “for DD-H cups” with “clever construction, technical fabrics and extra support”). Their concept is interesting and innovative and their mission is “to make beautiful lingerie that women want to wear”.
  • A particular bra that stands out in their collection is the Stripe Z Bra – a clean, wired, non-padded style that provides a neat and lifted shape and promises to look great under tight-fitting clothes.


  • CUUP
  • Cups A to H.
  • CUUP is a US brand that offers a “collection of modern, minimal, unlined bras built for all women, that support and shape without excess materials. Bras that look and feel great in every size.” CUUP sells minimal bras that “accentuate your natural shape”, are made of “premium materials and hardware”, and create a “no-frills silhouette”.
  • A particular bra that stands out in their collection is The Balconette With “clean lines and a composed fit”, it “offers the sensuality of lingerie while maintaining the practicality of a bra you wear every day”. A triple hook-and-eye ensures a proper fit for bigger cups.


  • Chantelle
  • Cups A to I.
  • The brand is synonymous with “timeless styles” and with bras that are “designed to last”. “SoftStretch is Chantelle’s innovative line of one-size-fits-all underwear, designed to fit any body, any shape or size, for effortless movement and unique comfort”.
  • A particular bra that stands out in their collection is the Aéria Lightweight Convertible Bra  (up to G cup). Sportswear-inspired, this bra is sexy and comfortable with fully adjustable straps and can be easily converted into a racerback.


  • Attollo
  • Cups D to GG.
  • Attollo means ‘I lift up, I raise, I excite’, and that’s exactly what these bras aim to do. Their mission is to create lingerie that “looks beautiful from every angle, so you can always feel confident in or out of your Attollo Lingerie!”
  • A particular bra that stands out in their collection is the Emelie Longline Bra, which is “designed to accentuate your curves and help you feel like the best version of yourself”. With a bespoke design and bespoke fit, Emelie is Attollo’s “new and refreshing take on the classic black D+ bra” and one to wear “when you need a boost and want the confidence to conquer the world.”


  • Simone Perele
  • Cups up to FF.
  • Simone Perele is a French brand that sells lingerie, swimwear, and nightwear.
  • A particular bra that stands out in their collection is Lumineuse. Available in black, petal powder, and peon colours, Lumineuse is a wrap-around bra designed to provide optimal support through a three-piece cup, cotton lining, and a reinforced mesh at the back.


  • Mimi Holliday
  • Cups up to GG.
  • Mimi Holliday sells luxury lingerie and “prides itself on its fun, girl-friendly ethos with a focus on exceptional fit and offering of a wide range of sizes”
  • Their website is currently under construction, but they have a “timeless and iconic” collection coming soon and they’re definitely worth including in this list.


  • Marie Jo
  • Cups up to F.
  • Marie Jo sells lingerie, swimwear, and nightwear.
  • A particular bra that stands out in their collection is the Balcony Vertical Seam bra, a stylish balconette bra with vertical seam and lace that decorates the cups. With elegant floral embroidery, it’s in a soft shade of pink that allows you to wear this bra discreetly under any outfit.


  • Panache Lingerie
  • Cups B to JJ.
  • Panache Lingerie “is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of D+ lingerie”, and they do come across as ‘best in class’ in their field. For over 35 years, they have maintained “an excellent reputation for fit, technical ability, and quality”.
  • A particular bra that stands out in their collection is the wired Envy Full Cup Bra, which, unsurprisingly, is one of Panache’s best-sellers. It offers “amazing support with laminated bottom cups to give you shape and side slings to give forward projection.”


  • Fantasie
  • Cups B to JJ.
  • Fantasie sells lingerie and swimwear with a focus on offering the “perfect fit” and “unparalleled comfort” to make you feel at ease while not compromising on elegance.
  • A particular bra that stands out in their collection is the Illusion, a side support bra that guarantees “a smooth finish under any outfit choice, crafted from soft-touch fabrics and flat elastics offering optimal stretch.”


Which are your favourite bra brands?


We’re also keen to know which chic brands you like that offer larger than a JJ cup. We think there’s room for improvement there – what do you think?


Wonderful reader suggestions so far include:


Featured photo by Zack Jarosz.

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