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Do you feel me?

Ever since I’ve had purchasing power and breasts over a DD, my typical experience of buying tops and dresses entailed:


1.  Trying on my size and revealing an awful bust silhouette, wildly inappropriate cleavage, lots of bra or simply being unable to do up the zip past my underwire


2.  Trying on something two sizes too large that beautifully fitted my bust while the rest of my body was offended by ill-fitting fabric


3.  Buying something intentionally shapeless and bust-eliminating to help me temporarily forget my breasts but unfortunately my waist disappeared too


4.  Paying a huge sum for a beautifully tailored clothes that fitted, I liked, but didn’t LOVE


I thought “I resent my shape. I feel fat. I hate buying clothes. All those flat chested woman out there are so lucky”.


I also thought, “I should do something about this”.


So I started my own clothing brand…

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