When selecting a size, you should be guided your largest measurement, usually your bust or your hips. Match yours to the measurements on the size chart.


We provide between 5cm and 6 cm between sizes on garments. For example if a top states that the size 12 bust measurement is 100cm, the size 14 will measure 105/6cm and the size 10 will measurement 94/95cm.


To measure your bust, wrap a tape measure around you, passing the fullest part of your bust. Ensure the tape measure stays at the same height the entire way round your torso.


To measure your waist, using the same principle, wrap the tape measure round the narrowest point on your torso. If this is not obvious, look for small creases in your skin towards the bottom of your ribcage and above your hips.


To measure your hips, again ensuring the tape measure remains at an even height, wrap it round your body, passing the largest point on your buttocks.


If you are still unsure which size to choose, please do email hello@alicefawke.com with your measurements and we’ll be happy to advise you.