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It’s trickier to dress a bigger bust than a smaller one simply because there’s more to consider. A bit like building a new house, if you wanted to lay it on a flat piece of land it would be much easier than putting it on a hill. But the good news is, the end result can be much more striking and impressive! You just need to make good choices. Here are three key principles to stick to:


1. Have a formula for success


Focus on developing your individual, timeless style rather than being caught out by booby-trap fashions. For example, a new season brings a new ‘A-line, cropped, spaghetti-strap swing top’ shape that’s everywhere and looks superb on flat-chested models, but if you have ‘boob’ to speak of you absolutely must not give in to temptation. Regardless of trends, stay focussed on styles and shapes that work for you. Rather than feeling repetitive, think of yourself as iconic! Many of the most stylish women throughout history had wardrobe formulas that they stuck to for life, irrespective of changing fashion: Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe to name a few. And the truth is, the best styles are timeless and never look dated anyway. It’s also really enjoyable to experiment with trends through your choice of shoes, the colour of your clothing, with your hair and your accessories etc.


2. Be honest with yourself


This sounds obvious but it’s so often overlooked. I know because I do it too: try to imagine my way into a look that’s never going to work for me. For example, when summer comes around I have a tendency to picture myself looking like a boho dream wearing a draping, floaty spaghetti-strap maxi dress. I fully envisage no bra-straps, no ‘boob flail’, sometimes even no bra and a perfectly elegant profile. Then I go to the shops and try something like this on and I just have to be honest with myself: I look like a potentially-pregnant tent and I really need to give up the ghost. If this has been you too, try very hard to be objective about what you see before you in the changing room mirror and remember that square pegs don’t fit in round holes. And most importantly, remember there are lots of styles that do look especially great on you but send our flat-chested friends into a fruitless search for a padded bra that creates cleavage instead of fresh air between boob and cup.


3. Keep it simple


It’s true there’s more to consider when putting clothes over bigger boobs because, unlike flatter chests, they’re already saying quite a lot on their own. Sometimes it seems like a good idea to decorate and ultimately disguise your chest with lots of layers, folds and fussy prints. In fact, wearing a fantastic bra and framing your chest with a clean, well-cut neckline in a quality fabric is likely to be your Ace-card every time. The decorative distractions can indeed confound the eye about what’s going on underneath, but it usually just adds unwanted volume and creates visual confusion. Think less is more, be confident about your shape, seeing your chest size as an essential and natural part of you and focus on refined quality when it comes to selecting clothing and cuts.



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